Shaping minds for Africa: knowledge management as a competitive strategy

Knowledge Management is an established management discipline with a robust practice framework. New thinking and technologies provide exciting opportunities for Knowledge Management to re-vitalise and re-invent practices, strategies and value propositions. High performing organisations realise the need for resilience, intelligent action and high performance in an increasingly  complex world. Creativity, innovation and collaboration are active topics on management agendas. There is also a revival of the business need to find solutions for facilitating the intra-generational experience gap. All of which requires an active and mindful focus on knowledge and knowing within organisations and institutions.

We also see the confluence of relevant disciplines, such as knowledge management, corporate and internal communication, human resource management, learning & organisational development, operational performance management and strategic management.  This poses new opportunities and challenges for organisations and professionals.

The Summit provides a platform to showcase and interrogate the strategic value and practice of Knowledge Management as a key management discipline for the 21st century. It is an opportunity for leaders and professionals in the Knowledge Management realm to connect and engage in robust dialogue, learn about latest developments, and participate in stimulating deep dives.