We are inviting proposals for papers, case studies, workshops and indabas to be presented at the 2016 Southern African Knowledge Management Summit (#2016SAKMS). The Summit will take place from 10-12 May 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The #2016SAKMS provides a platform to showcase and interrogate the strategic value and practices of knowledge management as a key management discipline for the 21st century. It also serves as an opportunity for leaders and professionals in the knowledge management realm to connect and engage in robust dialogue and meaning making, participate in stimulating deep dives, as well as learning about latest developments, opportunities and challenges in the field.

The following proposals are invited:

• Academic and practitioner-orientated papers will be considered. The evalution for papers will be done in two phases – firstly the abstract, and secondly the full paper in a double-blind peer review process. Successful papers and case studies will be published in the Summit Proceedings (digital only).

Case studies about knowledge management programmes and projects. We are also interested in case studies that will present the change and impact since the 2015 Summit in your organisation. Case study presenters may also submit a full paper for publication in the Summit Proceedings. Such full paper will also be subjected to a double-blind peer review process.

Workshops/ Master classes. These can be half-day or full-day sessions. We envisaged these workshops or master classes to be highly interactive where participants can shape their practice and professional competency. We also welcome proposals for experimental or exploratory sessions – e.g. the exploration of the value and relevance of Applied Theatre for Knowledge Management.

• An indaba that focus on a specific theme and/or sector. Such an indaba is a space and opportunity for people in similar contexts and with similar interests to convene to share and co-learn pertaining their specific issues and topics.

Submit your proposal by completing the e-form by 29 January 2016: http://bit.ly/2016SAKMSproposal.


Proposals are sought in all areas related to knowledge management, including but not limited to, the following:

Knowledge Management and Innovation; Case studies of Knowledge Management implementation; Collective intelligence; Innovative approaches to Knowledge Management; Knowledge transfer and elicitation of expert knowledge; The organisation as a knowledge system; Knowledge Management for Social Change and Innovation; Knowledge Mentoring Competitive intelligence; Open Innovation; Evaluation, Measurement, Monitoring & valuation of Knowledge Management Programs; Knowledge work and knowledge workers; Knowledge Discovery & Data Warehousing; Adaptation of Knowledge Management in different industries; Communities of Practice;
Taxonomies, Semantic technologies, Knowledge Visualization; Facilitating foresight & strategic learning;
Knowledge creation & sharing; Collaborative, social and mobile ICT, and enterprise social networks; Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management; Knowledge networks; Knowledge management and Game Theory; Knowledge Management and contemporary management theories; Knowledge Management and the Social Enterprise;
Narratives, Stories and Anecdotes for Knowledge Transfer and sense-making; Organisational learning and sense-making; Social learning; Inter and intra-organisational knowledge flow; Knowledge Management and Data Management; Knowledge Management models and methods; The relationship of Knowledge Management with other disciplines, such as communication, Organisational Development, Strategic Management

Whilst priority will be given to contributors on the suggested themes, presentations on other relevant topics will also be considered. The proposals will be judged on their relevance to the Knowledge Management field as well as on the strength of the idea and potential attendee interest. All applicants will be notified of a decision, however, the decision of the selectors is final and no correspondence with regard to acceptance or rejection of submitted papers will be entered into.

As this is an international event, presentations and material must be in English. Should you wish to present at the Summit, please submit your proposal by completing the electronic form latest by 29 January 2016.

Presenters will be eligible to attend the day on which they are presenting for free. A 40% discount for all other sessions will apply. All other expenses, such as travel and accommodation, are the responsibility of presenters. We make provision for one presenter per proposal.

We are looking forward to your proposals.

Elmi Bester
Convener: Southern African Knowledge Management Summit
Phone: +27 82 337 9864
E-mail: ebester@thinkingknowledge.co.za
Skype: elmi.bester

Prof Adeline du Toit
Chair: Papers & Peer Review
Phone: + 27 82 803 1814
E-mail: adeline.dutoit@up.ac.za