Lucian de Koker preparing for the case study presentation.

Presenting PPC’s Cement & Concrete Cube (C3) as a case study exchange during the 2015 SA KM Summit, gave myself & Hanlie Turner the opportunity to interact with smaller groups.  This way it was much easier to demonstrate some of the functionalities of the Cube, despite the time constraints. Feedback highlighted that this Firestring / Ebsco partnership which culminated in the Cement & Concrete, was a very innovative initiative, while the questions asked by the various groups will help future developments. For example, confidentiality is obviously a concern of many users.

Whilst the user interface is fairly easy navigable with its Google-like search facility and a “LinkedIn” feel, the Cube presents numerous opportunities and benefits, not only for PPC employees, but also for stakeholders.

The format of the Case Study sessions was great, but as presenter we found it very short.





Lucian demonstrating the knowledge system to the delegates.