Once again thank you so much for organising this summit. The need for something like this was long overdue! I returned to work this morning inspired and filled with new ideas to implement in the organisation I work for.

As promised – herewith the feedback from our table as was discussed during the Knowledge Café:-

It started off with a very important question – is training / learning the task of KM or should it reside with HR / a Training department. We came to the conclusion that formal training should reside where it is ‘plotted’ in an organisation but it is still the task of KM to allow them the tools to learn and to distribute what they have learned on formal training sessions or seminars (TWAP- Travel With A Purpose).

Our table also felt that training (learning) through KM should be fun and that we should implement KM principles throughout the organisations we work by working closer with areas that claim to do training /learning.

From here we moved into practical examples of how KM is implemented in our own areas. I invite (challenge) my table to elaborate on this part as sadly I did not take notes and unfortunately I cannot remember everything in this regard!