The implementation of Knowledge Management is no trivial task, involving multiple streams (people, technology, process) and requiring changes in infrastructure and the collaboration of stakeholders all over the organisation.

International KM expert Patrick Lambe describes the knowledge and information infrastructure as “like one jumbled mass comprising several tangled up balls of string: it’s hard to figure out what’s connected to what, where all the interdependencies are, and what we need to untangle and realign if we want to make a particular, significant change.”

Read the full article, “Why KM Is Hard To Do: Infrastructure, KM and Implementing Change” at Patrick’s blog,

Often, this organisational infrastructure can seem like an impossibly complex barrier to implementing effective KM and we find many organisations falling into the same – avoidable – traps again and again. Patrick will share his experience, insights and learning from his years of experience across various industries, through two events at the 2015 Southern African Knowledge Management Summit:

  • Knowledge Auditing and Mapping (Pre-Summit Workshop, Wednesday 27 May), and
  • Implementing for impact: how to make a difference with KM in your organisation, and avoid common pitfalls (Keynote session, Thursday 28 May)

“My wish for the Summit is that participants will share, learn, and return to their workplaces energised, inspired, and equipped with useful insights and methods to do great work!” – Patrick Lambe



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