We are cross-posting this invitation on the Summit blog as well, as the preparations for the Summit was a catalyst for this Coaching Circle. We have decided that in stead of learning and doing knowledge transfer one-on-one, we would like to invite others to join this learning journey. Not only can more benefit from the learning, but our learning can also benefit from more perspectives and inputs.


Social media engagement is an integral part of events. Live Tweeting with #-hashtags, sharing updates on Facebook & G+, live blogging etc. provides a so-called back channel or complementary channel for wider participation in the event conversation. It also takes the messages and impressions of the event beyond the walls of the venue, and invite voices not present at the event into the conversation. This practice is thus also referred to as Event Amplification or Social Reporting.

For some professionals the use of social media at such event is the first time they post on social media platforms with a professional identity. This is a catalyst and opportunity to find learn how to use social media as a professional. There are also associated practices, such as the curation of the story of the event on social media and analytics that can be learned.

Jeanette Seko will be a Social Media Champion for the 2015 Southern African Knowledge Management Summit. She sees this as an opportunity to find her professional voice on social media and to learn some useful practices that she can also take back to her organisation. She is looking forward to meetup with other professionals on her journey. We would like to invite others to join a Coaching Circle where we will explore, learn-by-doing and reflect together about the use of social media as a professional. Here are some of the topics of the topics on the living agenda –

  • Social media, social reporting & event amplification
  • Curation of social media engagement
  • Finding your professional voice in social media
  • How do I keep my private presence separate from my professional engagement on social media. Is it necessary?
  • Looking at social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, G+, blogs (Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger). LinkedIn (also LinkedIn updates), etc.

If you are interested to join this peer learning opportunity, please send an e-mail to Elmi Bester. Only 6-8 people can join the Coaching Circle. Our first meetup on Google Hangout will be Friday, 24 April 2015 (12:00-13:00). Preference will be given to those who will also be attending the 2015 Southern African Knowledge Management Summit.

Please familiarise yourself with the way Coaching Circles work before you sign-up. You need to be prepared to be an active participant in a co-learning process. (See overview below).

The coaching circle will get together every second week on Google Hangout, and in-between we will share, discuss and deliberate on G+.

What is Coaching Circle?

Coaching circles are regular meetings of a group of peers exploring a common area of interest. They provide an opportunity to share your experience and to learn from your peers. Circles run for about two -three months, meeting once every 2 weeks at a time and place that best suits the members of the circle. Once a quarter members get together with others in the community to discuss how are working, wins and pitfalls, lessons learned, new opportunities.

What’s the format?
Coaching circles are usually 6 to 8 people
Circles usually have a host who provides the space (online, office, home)
Circles usually have a co-ordinator who makes sure everyone knows when the next circle is happening, what the topic is and who is facilitating
Facilitation is shared between all the members of the circle, so this rotates to different members.
Circles usually meet every 2 weeks
Who are the KMers Coaching Circles for:
Professionals who are passionate about knowledge management & seek to grow their knowledge management practice
People with enough experience to facilitate sessions on topics of interest to them
Beginners to advanced KM professionals
People in any role and any size company, diversity is better.

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