untitledRegister now and qualify for the early bird discount (only valid until 24 April). We have a very rich and exciting programme in store for you,  including –

  • perspective shaping keynotes (Implementing KM for impact; Openness as the key to KM innovation; Strategic & burning platforms ito SA’s competitiveness)
  • presentations about latest developments & thinking, such as Open Innovation & Gamification
  • presentations about how KM can shape and influence topical issues, such as rhino poaching & empowerment of upcoming farmers
  • perspective making Indabas – KM in the development sector; KM In the public sector,  a Case Study Café and a session where we together will re-author the KM narrative for greater impact. Experience the facilitation of robust knowledge sharing, learning, and sense-making in action.

Remember to register for the interesting  pre-Summit workshops to be held on the 27th of May. Use this opportunity to learn from and with the best and innovative experts in the KM profession!

  • Conduct a knowledge audit – Patrick Lambe
  • Informal networks & Social Network Analysis – Aldu Cornelissen
  • Knowledge Sharing Masterclasses: Playback Theatre & Building a narrative knowledge base – Petro Janse Van Vuuren & Kyra Wainstein
  • The role of the Knowledge Leader: a roundtable discussion – Prof Adeline du Toit & Dr Andrew Kok
  • Using KM tools to improve Enterprise Change, Project Outcomes & Business Capability Maturity – Nick Bradshaw

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We are looking forward to meet you at the Summit!